Rise Anew

“The Sun Hides”

verse 1

I can see it lifting from your eyes

A whisper and a prayer realized

The corners of your mouth slowly rise

Like a summer sun into the sky

Let me be the grief you never bear

The worry that you never have to care

The sunlight on your skin, oh so fair

In the afternoon I’m all you wear


Oh bright sunrise, paint my blue skies

Bluer than the night you close

Weeping, storming, joy come morning

Love and repose

verse 2

I can hear the words you want to say

I know by heart the creed you want to pray

But something long ago gets in the way

Like a sunburst hill at break of day

Let me place my hands upon your sides

And dance away a thousand haunted nights

The sun is not gone, it only hides

It’s coming like a train and mercy ride

“Far Away”

verse 1

Sometimes in the middle of a driving rain

It’s not quite a shower but it feels the same

It’s gettin’ me clean here on this Summer’s day

Even though home is miles away

I spent four years being a better son

And I’m not quite steady and I’m not quite done

But I could spit out reasons like a gatling gun

and Lord knows I’d blow you away


And it feels like I’m coming closer

I’m somehow closer and far away

verse 2

I cross the Ohio with my mind made up

That I’ll look back on this one as the one that stuck

Maybe twenty years from now if I don’t pass the buck

Then none of this will be in vain

But I know myself and I know how it goes

When I turn up my chin and start taking blows

I end up putting on grace like mourner’s clothes

And sit there while you wash a stain


This ain’t a feeling, it’s all I know

I’m coming through the ceiling, I’m looking for hope


verse 1

The sight and the sound, the lost, the found

Will I find you?

The rich and the poor, the less, the more

Will I have you?


There are no oceans ‘round this island anymore

There’s only dust and rust and what was ocean floor

I made a desert of this paradise you gave

Behold the Lamb, behold the monsters that he saves

verse 2

For all of my work and all of my hurt

There’s no gold here

Just smoke and ash, and ghosts and past

Stories told here


Oh, it came so slow and so fast

And all at once, it took everything


verse 1

Everything was crumbling

And the beautiful was passing by

Staggering and stumbling

Like a drunkard in a suit and tie


So I turned to my muse and I sang her the blues

A blue that was almost black


Sorrow is a light that stings

Throwing me off heights and clipping my wings

Branding me with irons hot

And telling me what’s not

I’m crawling outside your door

I’m opening my heart and letting it pour

If you don’t like my sigh

Won’t you hear my cry, oh Lord

verse 2

You’re always in the crossfire

When the enemy’s debatable

And how we often cross wires

Till we’re loving something  hatable


And we paint like a bruise with the colors we chose

Like blue that’s almost black


I never thought it’d be so petty

I never thought it’d be so wrong

I never thought it’d hit so heavy

I never thought it’d stay here for so long


verse 1

How long I wait, while You create

A heart that will not fail

A tongue that sings and never shall wail

Oh valley long, the rain falling strong

And every drop will sting

But Heaven bought me so I sing


Gloria it is well, well with my soul

Well with my heart that bends and folds

It is good to be in Your company, oh my Lord

verse 2

Oh restless mind, the branch doubts the vine

What a senseless fear

Holy Father, draw me near

Long before I knew that all I have is You

While yet in my grave

You were merciful to save

“No Enemies”

verse 1

If I see you running, I will not reach for my gun

I am no lawmaker, and I did not light the sun

I was rescued when a stranger, and I wish the same for you

So if I see you running, I pray only grace pursue


There are guns pointed at me, there are those who disagree

I am hated but I am free because I have no enemies

verse 2

When my path is tangled, how easily I stray

My Father has a lamp for me, and mercy lights the way

So if and when you stumble, when you leave the perfect path

The chance for me is mercy, the trap for me is wrath

verse 3

Though my life be threatened, my soul is not impressed

I am promised to a bridegroom, I will have my wedding dress

And one day by the sea of glass, when the table has been set

The last thing on my married mind will be your feeble threat

“Slow Bones”

verse 1

Slow bones moving with a bed in sight

A lifetime mocking how I feel this night

You’re holding my hand with a look on your face

You dose of grace


It’s alright, everyone knows it’s a good, good life

verse 2

Heart so heavy I could break it on the floor

A bonafide mess and I need you more

You’re looking so pretty I’m looking so strange

I guess...not much has changed


I’m not the man I was, that’s true

But these rivers are carving out a mountain for you

It’s a pain, it’s a chore, it’s a labor that I dread

But it’s given us a beautiful view instead

‘Cause I see the beauty in the pain I feel

Like the heaven’s put a stamp on us and said this love is real

So I stand by you when I can no longer stand

This love is much sharper than the pain at hand


Slow bones heavy when I’m holding you close

Everything I need is kissing my nose

“In Darkest Wood”

verse 1

Lying in the grass I trample

The stars are hung from maple mantle

And I perceive my fear as darkness

And oh what tiny lights I harness


Oh Great God, in darkest wood, come to me

Light my path, both just and good, sing to me

I am here, I am here

verse 2

The night is thick with blackout glory

Stone and briar stretching for me

And yet I run, I run unearthly

With my Shepherd’s staff, His might, His mercy

“When We Meet”

verse 1

Long way, yeah you gotta go a long way

Just to get yourself a little ways

Out of the Mississippi Valley

I know, yeah baby girl I know

It’s a long, hard, hot road

But it’s gonna bring you home

I’ve been there before and I know I

Will be there once more

verse 2

So long, I’ve been walking for so long

And I thought I’d be so strong

But I beat a half-made heart

Blood red, both my eyes are blood red

Staring down this road ahead

Knowing I must restart

You just go on along, baby I love you

I’ll be there or be gone


Long way from the river

It may be winter by the time I arrive

I miss you, oh God I miss you

I’m coming to kiss you and wash your feet

When we meet

verse 3

Hold me, won’t somebody hold me

Help me make it just a few more feet

I’m tired, dripping sweat

Savior, I’m calling on you Savior

Every sin that you paid for

Still trying to collect that debt

They’ve got no claim, but God I get so scared

When they call me by my old name

“The Water”

verse 1

Hold tight, this’ll be alright

The long night dies in morning light

Then we’ll just go to the water with our head hanging down

Go to the water with our head hanging down

verse 2

Here we go, this’ll be our home

The long road with our heavy load

Then we’ll just go to the water with our head hanging down

Go to the water with our head hanging down


All along your river, all along you frozen lake

Where my dry bones will shiver, where my spirit surely breaks

Wash me in that water, let me die and rise anew

This your son and this your daughter, come with everything to lose

And be found in you. Found in you.

verse 3

Hold on, the light you see is dawn

Our song will be forever long

Then we’ll just sing in the heavens with our hands up high

Sing in the heavens with our hands up high


Let the water rush over my head

Let the whole world know that I am dead

Let each breath I take from that day on

Be a tiny mystery that points to the dawn

Oh, the breaking dawn